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I’m Mandy Ellis

A freelance writer in Austin focusing on food, real estate, travel, and health topics


On the hunt for a dependable and innovative writer?

Awesome; I'm here to help! As an Austin-based freelance writer, creating content for your food, real estate, travel, or health business, or your print and digital magazine is my jams.


Why work with me?


I’m Psyched to See My Clients Succeed

Your growth in customers, subscribers, followers, shares, and clicks gives me all the warm fuzzies. Your goals become our goals, and our goals kick ass. We’re building more than a one-off project. It’s a partnership where we work together to create the content you’ve always imagined, but just didn’t have the time to put the right spin on it.


I’m Special..ized

Not in the snowflake kind of way...My expertise lies in knowing my food, real estate, travel, and health audiences well. I’ve written hundreds of stories and know what makes my readers tick, what their pain points are, what they’re excited about, and what information can help improve their lives. These are my niches. There are many like them, but these are mine. They are my life, and I have mastered them.


I’ve Got All the Reader-Friendly Deets

I’m a details-lover at heart and when it comes to research; I don’t miss a stat or study. But sometimes it can be difficult for your readers to stay tuned in with all that heavy data. I work to deliver research in ways that are fun, immersive, and informational...not tiresome and mind-melting.


I’m a Questioner

As a journalist and writer, I know how to get the quotes and answers that matter...and that comes down to asking the right questions upfront. When we start a project or article, I’m curious about your goals, where the piece is headed, your overall vision, deadlines, and expectations. That means I ask the questions to make sure there’s no surprises come review day.





how i can help


Writing Services

  • Content Marketing

  • Article Writing

  • Brand Journalism

  • Brand Content

  • Blog Posts

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • Ebooks

  • Ghostwriting

  • Copywriting

  • Email Marketing

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  • Bait Pieces

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Marketing Materials

  • Newsletters


  • Food

  • Real Estate

  • Travel

  • Health


Want a sample of what it's like to work with me?

See what my happy clients have to say about the experience in the testimonials below.

“When it comes to blogging, photography, and digital marketing, Mandy not only makes it happen...she makes your company shine! She’s mindful of corporate branding, incredibly professional, and delivers projects ahead of schedule. Mandy helped proliferate the Hey Cupcake! story locally and regionally to assist our franchise launch. Her specific choices increased our existing customer engagement by 75 percent and improved new business revenue by 40 percent. Smart, clear, and precise, Mandy delivers great results”



“First, your work is top notch. Really. Your interviews and writing style are awesome. I felt that going into this, but now I know firsthand. So thank you for coming through for me.”

- Ghostwriting client, reported articles, Brand Journalism + brand content

“Great job with this! It feels like you already have a strong grasp of our style and voice. Plus the variety of sources and perspectives really makes for a dynamic and well-written piece. Well done!”

— Nicole Duncan, Senior Editor at Food News Media (QSR Magazine and FSR Magazine)

“Mandy is a conscientious and thorough writer and researcher. Not only is her copy clean, but she is also extremely easy with which to work. Errors? Corrections? None to be found. We’re fortunate to have her in our stable of freelancers.”

Mandy Detwiler, Managing Editor at Pizza Today

“Mandy Ellis has proven herself to be a fantastic asset for U.S. News & World Report’s Real Estate section. A key voice in U.S. News’ local content initiative, Mandy contributed weekly articles offering advice on buying and selling homes in her home town of Austin, Texas. Her articles have resonated with folks researching real estate transactions in the area: We’ve seen a steady increase in search engine traffic from the Austin area, and the readers her articles attract are more likely to use our section’s lead-gen tools. As a freelancer, Mandy is very dependable. She turns in quality writing on time, and she makes herself available should we have any questions.”

— Miriam Weiner, Senior Product Manager, Real Estate, at U.S. News & World Report

“Thanks again for the story! Overall I thought it was great. This is exactly what I was hoping for from your stories.”

Sam Oches, Editorial Director at Food News Media


Need a little bit more?



I put my decade’s worth of writing expertise to work for you. I know where to look to find the best sources to quote. I’m whittling down complex topics into readable building blocks. And I’m looking for all the opportunities to inform and engage.


jazzed about a project, but not sure how to get all that writing done?



my clients

I’ve worked with everybody from food companies and restaurants to businesses that cater to the restaurant business to all types of food and restaurant publications. I call real estate agents, real estate companies, and real estate publications my clients, as well as travel agents, travel magazines, and travel publications.

sample topics

I also write about the intersections of my niches...including pieces like shipping container hotels, food trends, mental health and real estate agents, the best foods to indulge in while traveling, healthy pizza, how real estate agents can help clients buy vineyards, and a bunch of other nooks and crannies.