Perfect Parfaits for Poppin' July 4th

Instead of the traditional celebrations, try these festive parfaits for flavor fireworks in your mouth this 4th. Sultry whipped cream combined with light yellow cake and fresh, seasonal blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries will make you scream "AMERICA!" Their lightness is perfect for the summer heat, and you don't have to feel guilty for indulging in this treat.


makes 3 parfaits

-1 box Pillsbury Moist Supreme Yellow Cake Mix

-1 pint heavy whipping cream

-1/4 cup white sugar

-1 cup blueberries

-6 strawberries

-3 raspberries


1) Mix and bake the cake mix according to box instructions, then let it cool on a baking rack for 30 minutes.

2) While the cake is baking and cooling, mix up the whipped cream by placing the heavy cream and white sugar in a stand mixer. Mix on high until stiff peaks form.

3) Slice the tops off the strawberries then cut them in half.

4) When the cake is cooled, break off a small amount the size of a golf ball and place it in the bottom of a cup. Use your fingers to flatten it down.

5) Place 4 strawberry halves so that they're touching the glass, but stand above the cake.

6) Place 5 large spoonfuls of whipped cream in the middle of the strawberries to give the strawberries some stability, then smooth it with a spoon to create a layer.

7) Place a line of blueberries around the edge of the glass, then stack another line of blueberries above in the crevices of the first blueberries to create a zigzag pattern.

8) Grab another golfball-sized piece of cake and place it in the middle of the wall of blueberries. Flatten it lightly with your fingers to give the blueberries stability.

9) Place 5 large spoonfuls of whipped cream on top and smooth with a spatula.

10) Decorate the top of the whipped cream with blueberries and a single raspberry in a star pattern. Grab a spoon and celebrate the good ol' US of A!