The Chuckbox Review

Who: The ChuckBox

What: Wood-grilled burger restaurants

Where: 202 East University Drive, Tempe, AZ

When: Monday-Saturday: 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Why: This was my first time visiting The ChuckBox after hearing about it for months. As a Tempe and ASU college student staple, this is as far from drive-through, frozen-patty, slimy, limp fry land as you could be. The staff was friendly and each burger was cooked-to-order with add-ons available in a salad bar style. It may be cash only, but they have an ATM on site and their prices are reasonable enough to fit any wallet.

Whether you’re a struggling college student or a family of seven, The ChuckBox will fill your belly without flushing your wallet. I was starving when I pulled up to The ChuckBox. I could smell the open flame from the parking lot; albeit a very small lot, it was still exceedingly enticing.

My mouth already started watering when I walked in the door and saw the cook slap a fresh beef patty down onto the grill. I wanted the jalapeño poppers but decided to go with the classic fries instead. Don’t worry, next time I’ll get the poppers for fun. Watching someone cook your food right in-front of you not only entices your appetite but makes the experience exciting for all.

They also toast the fresh, sesame bun and melt the gooey cheddar before your eyes. The best part? They throw in your order of fries when you order. YES! Fresh fries! They haven’t been sitting out under a heat lamp for two hours. They haven’t been frozen. They’re not soggy or oily. They’re made to order like the burgers.

After I fed my eyes, it was time to feed my stomach. I could smell the wood on the burger when I set the plate down. I added mustard from the condiment bar and dove in. The burger had all the crisp of open flame with the added smokiness of the wood. The bun was warm and had a little crunch where it hit the grill. The cheese was melted but not falling onto the plate, which was perfect. I could enjoy all the cheese! The beef tasted fresh, as did the fries, and not processed or old like it had been sitting out for awhile. It definitely hit the spot. I had gone in there craving a burger, but even if I wasn’t pining for one, my stomach would have been immensely satisfied.

Looking for cheap food that isn’t made cheaply? Want something that’s quality without quantity? The ChuckBox has you covered. With burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, wings, and supreme sides, this untypical burger joint will mellow your munchies and yield your burger yearning. I’m definitely going back to The ChuckBox; can’t believe I waited so long after hearing such amazing, and true, reviews.