Stax Burger Bistro Review

Who: Stax Burger Bistro

What: Unique burger restaurant

Where: 4400 N Scottsdale Rd #12, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

When: Monday-Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Saturday- Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Why: Like most Americans, I love a good burger and fries. A pillowy bun, snappy fries, juicy hamburger, and melted cheese. What’s better during the summer? Oh, yeah, an excellent beer. Whenever I’m craving a good burger, I hit up Stax Burger Bistro.

I love their sweet potato fries with sea salt, water with cucumber slice, beer selection, and of course, burgers. They offer so many more options than just beef and Idaho potatoes. Turkey, Lamb, Buffalo, Veggie, Wagyu, Sloppy Joe, Ahi, Swai, and exotic meat of the season cover vigorous vegans to adventurous carnivores. And the staff is top-notch. I’ve had the same waiter almost every time, I think he’s one of the owners, and he always remembers my order.

The service is fast and when you’re running out of drink, they already have another in hand before you ask. The atmosphere is relaxed with sports on the T.V.’s and an outdoor eating area. Many times they open the doors in the fall to let a cool breeze run through the restaurant. It’s small, intimate, and full of life, even if there’s only a few people inside. Even if you’re not looking for a burger, Stax can quench your hunger with savory salads and sumptuous “Staxwiches.”

When I sit down to Stax, I instantly want to order the sweet potato fries with house-made aioli and a Hoegaarden. The saltiness of the fries combined with the sweet, wheaty beer tastes exactly like summer should. The fries also taste fresh from the fryer; definitely no sitting around in a bin here. Portion size of the fries is perfect for two people as well. I would suggest the rings and totz as well for a starter.

Each of these pairs perfectly with the regular beef burger; something I get almost every time. The burger is juicy and expertly cooked; topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions on an excellent, hot, soft bun. I always get the pepperjack cheese but any of the cheese choices would taste great on this burger. Now don’t feel pigeon-holed into ordering a specific menu item.

There’s a mix and match category at the end of the menu called “Stax Scratch” where you can pick each piece of your burger. Allowing customer customization at your restaurant from cheeses to meats to sauces is something I really appreciate. There’s so many times when I scan a menu and see a sauce I’d like on my steak or my fries or my chicken and it’s only offered on a burger or a sandwich. They also allow you to mix different meats. You can pick half of one type of meat and half of another and they’ll mix it into one unique, tangy burger. I’ve had the shrimp po’boy, the rings, and totz, but my favorite combination will always be the beef burger and the sweet potato fries with sea salt and house aioli.

Looking for fabulously fresh food with flare? Stax can deliver. Whether you’re looking for a great summer hangout with seasonal beers and great burgers or a fresh meal of salads and munchies, Stax Burger Bistro is the cool-vibe restaurant you’ll want to keep coming back to.