Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub Review

Who: Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub

What: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner coffee bar and eatery

Where: 955 Bannock Street #100, Denver, CO 80204

When: Monday-Friday: 6am-11pm, Saturday: 8am-9pm, Sunday: 8am-7pm

Why: I recently visited Denver, Colorado and boy did my taste buds have a good time. I tried to visit as many local eateries and attractions as possible. Right off the plane I was starving; airport food just wouldn’t do. After snatching my luggage and weaving through the lanes of rental cars to find mine, I turned to my favorite app, Yelp. I use Yelp all the time to find great local eateries and see what kind of ratings, prices, location, and menu are offered.

After driving to the near the Denver Art Museum, my first attraction stop, I searched for local breakfast/lunch. I came upon this artsy-looking coffee house called Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub. The outside was industrial and modern and everyone outside on the terrace seemed to be enlivened in conversation. I could smell the fresh coffee and pastries from across the street where I parked.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was delighted to see that breakfast was served all day. Unfortunately, I arrived after 10:30 a.m. and missed out on the Sunrisers, but the rest of the menu looked so tasty I didn’t mind. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices, coffee, pastries, happy apps, smoothies, kid’s food, flatbreads, salads, soups, desserts; I mean what else is there! I really loved how they had such a huge and diverse menu for such a small place.

There weren’t many tables but every single one was packed; and this was a Wednesday. Tons of inquisitive-looking, sharply-dressed twenty-somethings lined the bench seats and counter-style seating near the windows with laptops and headphones. Seemed like this was a writer’s coffee shop.

I ordered The Addison and my boyfriend ordered the breakfast burrito with Chorizo. The best part of my sandwich was the bread. It was warm, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. The house-made honey Dijon was a close second though. It was sweeter than I typically like but paired very well with the fresh smoked turkey, lettuce, and swiss. I had an orange juice as well and the acidity in the juice matched the sweetness in the mustard well. I tried some of the Chorizo breakfast burrito and really enjoyed the tortilla, soft eggs, and meat. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast burritos but I will definitely order one at Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub when I get a chance to return.

The atmosphere was welcoming, the staff was very friendly, especially to those who had never been there and didn’t know they couldn’t order certain items after 10:30 a.m, and the service was fast. I love being surrounded by creativity and other writers. If you’re a writer living in the Denver area, you should definitely check out Rooster and Moon Coffee Pub. You’ll have to get there early though to find a seat. It seems like a lot of other writers have found this awesome spot. The décor is also very unique and trendy. It’s a mix of nature and industrial; very Denver. If breakfast all day, fresh coffee, or pastries doesn’t pull you in, go for super salads, creative sandwiches, Happy Apps, and a creative atmosphere.