Noodles Ranch Review

I know that I have already confessed my love/obsession (lovession? obove?) with egg rolls but Noodles Ranch has my favorite egg rolls; possibly of all time. They also have great Vietnamese comfort foods.

Ok, most importantly let’s talk about the egg rolls. They’re served with other items such as carrots, bean sprouts, sauce, and lettuce just in case you want to make your own egg roll lettuce wrap. Personally, I find the egg rolls way too perfect to mix with other foods; they’re just too great all on their own. Again, crunchy, filled up, hot, compliment the sauce, not greasy, excellent flavor. They have a good balance of different ingredients and flavor so that no one item overpowers the other. There’s a mixture of ingredients that I believe contain chicken, carrots, cabbage, and spices, but there’s a bunch of items in there I haven’t figured out yet. Their secret egg roll recipe definitely keeps me coming back for more. I order them every time I visit Noodles Ranch and I always crave more.

I’ve gotten a few different items at Noodles Ranch but the last couple of times I went, I craved R5: chicken rice, egg, and broccoli. One of the best things about Noodles Ranch is the food always makes you feel full and happy. It’s food that creates cravings and keeps you coming back for one special item.

I can’t stop getting R5. The egg wash taste of the rice with the pieces of chicken, egg, and broccoli brighten my mood even when I’m feeling sick, tired, sad, mad, glad, or happy. It combines all the ingredients of a healthy meal: proteins, carbs, and vegetables. And it has a good proportion of rice to chicken to broccoli to egg. You know sometimes you get those rice mixture where you play find the other ingredients? The menu says it comes with carrots but you don’t see any orange on the plate. The menu says it comes with chicken and you find only four pieces in the whole big bowl. This dish does not have any of those problems.

They also give you a lot of food. I always walk out of Noodles Ranch with a to-go box. It’s virtually impossible to eat it all even when I’m starving. That’s a sign of a good restaurant too. Their prices are fair and their food, fabulous. Visiting Scottsdale? Check out Noodles Ranch for some authentic, belly-filling Vietnamese.