Matt's Big Breakfast Review

Who: Matt’s Big Breakfast

What: Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant

Where: 825 North 1st Street, Phoenix, AZ

When: 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM Daily

Why: I am addicted to Triple D: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I can’t help myself. I practically squeal with excitement when I realize there is a five hour marathon on the Food Network. But besides gluing my eyes to the TV, and of course, my admiration and amusement with Guy Fieri, I love to get out and try the local eateries featured on the show. I saw Matt’s Big Breakfast on the show a while ago and quickly penciled it in on my list. Waffles, pancakes, bacon? You had me at fresh squeezed orange juice and real butter.

Even though I plan on making many trips back to Matt’s Big Breakfast, I still couldn’t decide on what sounded best. And the menu isn’t even very long! I saw the retired couple next to me enjoying thick sandwiches and the California-inspired teenagers on summer vacation munching on huge, beautifully-crafted omelettes. I wanted to try as many items as I could. The way to do that? Get an egg dish. Every egg dish is served with homefries or hashbrowns and thick-cut toast with homemade preserves.

I wanted the waffle but had to go for the Salami Scramble. This is by far one of the best combination of meats and eggs I’ve ever had. The salty-peppery taste most of us crave from the typical, shakeable egg seasoning comes from the salami instead. The eggs are light, fluffy and compliment the salami well. There is also a hefty serving of salami and eggs on the plate. It’s not a little bit of meat and a whole lot of eggs. It’s basically equal parts. I also always appreciate a good deli meat and this salami was on-par with a New York deli.

The homefries weren’t your typical homefries either. No fried squares here. They were basically like rosemary and thyme potatoes with a little crunch and olive oil. Paired with ketchup, they were a perfect breakfast side. Don’t let me forget about the toast. The thick-cut toast with real butter and homemade strawberry preserves made my mouth water when it was first sat down in front of me.

They have many different varieties of breads to choose from, I tried the wheat and the sourdough. Both excellent of course. I preferred the wheat due to the seeds that were on the outside though. I could live on just bread and butter to be honest. If I was stuck on a desert island and could only pick a few items to be transported to me, bread would definitely be one of those items. This wheat bread would definitely be a contender for transport. If that didn’t make you want some crackly bread, preserves, eggs, and salami, I don’t know what would.

Next time, I’ll have to have the waffle. Or the pancakes. Or the five spot. Or the chili bowl. Well, I guess I’ll have to make more than one trip back. Everything looked good there and from looking around at all the portions, Matt’s Big Breakfast definitely lives up to it’s name. Nobody will be leaving hungry from this joint. If you’re looking for breakfast or even lunch, hit up Matt’s Big Breakfast at its new location in Phoenix and you won’t be disappointed.