Joe’s Real BBQ Review

Who: Joe’s Real BBQ

What: BBQ and homecooked food eatery

Where: 301 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234

When: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day

Why: I’ve been looking for a great BBQ joint within reasonable driving distance from my house for awhile. I stumbled upon a few pretty good ones but each had a sauce that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. As a Rochester, NY native, I am in love with Dinosaur BBQ; spicy sauce, succulent meat, and a great biker atmosphere. Needless to say I’m not a sweet BBQ fan and that’s what I kept falling into. I finally found a place with a spicy and vinegary sauce that had me practically licking the cup and begging for more meat. I’ve already gone back three more times.

Joe’s Real BBQ, tucked into the corner of downtown Gilbert, not only has amazing BBQ but a take out pick up window. What an excellent idea! I haven’t actually eaten inside the restaurant because the take out window is so fast and amazing. They smoke their meats over pecan wood that seeps into the meat and spikes every bite. Don’t speed dial your favorite chain delivery. Drive to Joe’s Real BBQ and pick up some stick-to-your-ribs, mouthwatering, belly-filling BBQ.

I first found Joe’s Real BBQ on Yelp while looking for other take-out places nearby. I was in the mood for BBQ so why not drive the 10-15 minutes out there. What a crave-quelling good move. I ordered the Family Take Home Pack with pulled pork, pork ribs, and turkey breast as my meats and mac n’ cheese and sweet cut corn as my sides. The order also came with bbq sauce and buns. The buns were ideal serving plates for the pulled pork and bbq sauce.

The fluffy rolls paired with the meats is one of my favorite aspects of bbq plates. It was love at first bite. I hadn’t had pulled pork that moist and tender since Dinosaur BBQ. I wanted more and scarfed down all that was available. The bbq sauce was tangy, spicy, and had just the right hit of vinegar when mixed with the pork. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and had a crusted outside that was perfect for drizzling the sauce.

As for the turkey, it was delicious but in my opinion, not even close to the ribs and pulled pork. I made each meat into a little slider with the buns and a touch of the bbq sauce. I strongly suggest making your own sammies. Another time I decided to try the RootBeer cake. Typically, I expect a lot of the flavor of soda to come from the frosting. However, the RootBeer cake at Joe’s Real BBQ had Root Beer in the frosting and the cake; the ultimate Root Beer combo. It was fluffy and light and the frosting wasn’t too sugary or overly soda-flavored. I definitely recommend ordering a slice. The food was so good, I kept craving it through the week and make another trip the next weekend…and then the weekend after that. I suggest you all do the same.

As someone who loves heat and spice in bbq, I was extremely excited to finally find my bbq place in Arizona. I’ve lived here a little over two years and searched for something that met my standards for smoked meats and sauce. Joe’s Real BBQ also sells meats and sides in large quantities if you’re looking for catering or food for a family affair. Even if you’re not into spicy bbq sauce, the quality and smokey flavor of the meats alone should have you running to Joe’s Real BBQ.