Haiku Grill Review

I am a huge fan of Asian food; especially egg rolls. I love any type or style of food where I can confuse my mouth into eating lots of vegetables. I also am a carbo-loader; rice, rolls, breads, noodles, pasta. The Haiku Grill is a little Asian eatery near the Phoenix Zoo with lots of great menu items.

Recently I’ve had the egg fried rice, the veggie egg rolls, and the chicken yakisoba. All three items were excellent. The egg rolls weren’t greasy or only half filled and the sauce that came with them complimented the dish well. Every time I visit Haiku Grill I have to order the veggie egg rolls. On the menu, they’re listed just as a single Veggie Eggroll but the order comes with 3. Crunchy, hot, and filled with a delicious mix of veggies, these are some of my favorite egg rolls in Phoenix.

The egg fried rice had a lot of egg and veggies as well as sticky and delicious rice. To me it was more flavorful than typical fried rice. The rice had some extra seasoning on it that typical fried rice doesn’t have. I’ll have to figure out what that is later. The chicken yakisoba had chargrilled chicken, well-seasoned noodles, carrots, and cabbage. Another note, I add sesame seeds to everything. Out of the dishes I’ve tried at Haiku Grill, the sesame seeds enhanced the flavor of the chicken yakisoba the best. They also offer a variety of sushi rolls that I have been told are excellent. All of the food comes out hot and fast. Actually the last time I called for take-out they said everything would be ready in 10 minutes…10 MINUTES!

Along with the food, their staff is very friendly and the decor is modern with subtle hints of color. Although the restaurant is small with only a few seats, the few times I have been there it’s been packed to the gills. It’s also tucked away in a little center full of other restaurants. However, it’s a great spot for business since many office buildings with thousands of hungry lunch munchers surround it. If you’re looking for some excellent egg rolls and some gnarly noodles, check out the Haiku Grill in Tempe.