Green Restaurant: New American Vegetarian Review

I’ll be one of the first to tell you that I could never survive being a vegetarian or a vegan. I like some vegetables, but not all and I am a quite the fan of a lot of different varieties of foods. Even though I don’t think I could cut it in the non-dairy, non-meat, no animal byproducts world, I can appreciate a tasty, excellently-flavored dish made with mock meats or no meat at all.

The first time I went to Green, I was a little bit worried it would be mostly salads or tofu, but I was pleasantly wrong. One of the best aspects of Green is their ability to take advantage of all the various vegan and vegetarian ingredients including vegan-friendly cheeses and meat substitutes.

I had the No Harm Chicken Parm with mock chicken, vegan mozzarella, and homemade marinara sauce all on a fresh-tasting bun. To be honest, I could barely tell the difference between that sandwich and a regular chicken parm sandwich made with animal products. The cheese consistency was cheesy and tasted like mozzarella. The chicken had the same breading and a very similar texture. And the sauce tasted authentically Italian. I think if this was served on a regular menu, not that many people would be able to tell the difference. I would also suggest the following menu items: everything, Diablo Red, Spicy buffalo “wings”, egglessrolls, classic flatbread pizza, orecciette pasta, fresh fruit, thyme fries, and the original “g” spicy po-boy.

Green is an excellent restaurant and option for those who are already vegan or vegetarian but it’s also great for those of us who like different foods. I was surprised and happily enjoyed the high-quality sandwich I got the first time I went to Green. Even if you think to yourself, mock meat?! fake cheese?! what?!, it’s time to look past that, branch out, and try great, well-seasoned, new foods at Green Restaurant.