Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Review

As someone who loves food, I should love everything, right? Nope. I want to love Mexican; it has everything I like: cheese, beef, pork, rice, beans, salsa, peppers, spices. But there’s a difference between liking all those foods separately and enjoying them when they’re mashed together like they’ve been through a blender. However, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop may have changed my mind.

Their unique spices in the pork, mixed with shredded lettuce and cheese, sour cream, re-fried beans, and a crunchy shell, had my brain doing double-takes to confirm I was actually eating, and thoroughly enjoying, Mexican food. The meat was especially tender and definitely not overly greasy; a problem I have with many foods. There was just enough cheese and sour cream in the middle to mix with all the other ingredients. The taco shells also didn’t break the first time you bite into them. Usually, I have a rather hard time eating Mexican because it melts in my hands and not in my mouth. But these tacos were the exact opposite.

I also tried their chips and salsa. Safe enough. They added a little twist by shaking a little bit of their “Fuzzy Dust” on the top. It tastes pretty much like the same seasoning as the shredded pork I had which was delicious. The salsa was juicy and not chunky; perfect for me. I like to have the mixing of the flavors on the chips rather than a bunch of chunks that are mixed in your mouth. Overall, I think I have finally found a Mexican restaurant I will enjoy going back to.

Be a bit careful if you’re watching your sodium levels though. The nutrition facts are available online. I have provided the link to what I ate when I went there. I wouldn’t say this is a good healthy lunch option, but certainly on a cheat day, or late night snack, every once in awhile it’s worth it.

Settled in the heart of the downtown Mill Ave. area near ASU, Fuzzy’s mixes the college-feel of ASU with the 9-to-5 business lunch traffic creating a young but inviting atmosphere. I chose to eat outdoors, which is a year-round activity for those who call Phoenix home. As someone who has had a winter with snowfall every year of their life, eating outdoors whenever you like is a luxury I certainly take advantage of. If you’re new to the area, and even if you don’t think you’re a huge fan of Mexican food, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop will certainly please your palette and change your mind about traditional Mexican Tacos.