Crackers and Company Café Review

Who: Crackers and Company Cafe

What: Breakfast/Brunch Restaurant

Where: 535 West Iron Ave Suite 131, Mesa, AZ 85210

When: 7:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Daily

Why: If I want to feel full all day, I definitely go to Crackers and Co. Cafe. Their breakfast and lunch dishes give you more food than you can eat and leave you feeling satisfied well past dinner. Waffles, omelets skillets, burgers, sandwiches and much more comprise this friendly atmosphere restaurant.

Every time I visit Crackers and Co., I try to get something different. It’s actually pretty easy. There’s so many wonderful dishes on the menu and tons of choices; it’s hard to go wrong. But out of all the plates I’ve had, I’ve enjoyed the pancakes and waffles the most. The texture of the pancakes melts in your mouth. They don’t have a flat crunchy top like some other pancakes where the butter melts and falls off to the side of the plate. The bubbles in the batter make nice little holes where the butter easily nestles and absorbs into the pancake.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the butter absorption. How can you get the flavor if it just sits on top? The waffles have the same butter bubbles as well except that the waffle has a crunch to it. I think a great waffle always has to be crunchy and not soggy. It’s served belgian-style where the holes are nice and big and the flavor, buttermilk.

Each of the plates is served with fresh eggs in any style and crisp bacon or sausage. I know I’ve said it before but any restaurant that gives you a full breakfast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit or any combo, that’s a good place to be. They value their customer’s belly and want to encourage you to return. I suggest the omelets, pancakes, and waffles if you’re headed to Crackers and Co.; however, if you’re in a lunch mood they make excellent sandwiches that are a great value for the money.

Another important aspect to this restaurant is their peppy and courteous staff. They’re always generous when they greet you at door and the waiters and waitresses are attentive. I never have an empty glass or a long wait for my food or a bad experience. I’ve also found that they clean up the dishes and give you the check in a way that doesn’t make you feel rushed even though they’re typically packed wall to wall. That’s excellent service. Even if you don’t live in Mesa, Crackers and Co. Cafe has a few Phoenix area locations, such as one in Tempe, to quench your breakfast and lunch thirsts. Stop in and enjoy the friendliness, food, and fullness.