Cornish Pasty Co. Review

If you’re looking for a high quality, super awesome, all-in-one meal then you should start stepping into the Cornish Pasty Co. Their American twist on a classic English pasty (pas-tee) incorporates favorites like cheeseburgers and fries and Thanksgiving dinner into one better-than-a-hot-pocket pasty.

A pasty is a baked pastry that, “is made by placing uncooked filling typically of meat and vegetables, without meat in vegetarian versions, on a flat pastry circle and folding it to wrap the filling, crimping the edge to form a seal.” A traditional British food, it combines everything you’d like in your meal into one big pocket. I try to get a different pasty every time I go to the Cornish Pasty Co. Each one of the pastys (pasties?) I’ve tried has been one-of-a-kind and delicious.

Recently I had the Royale with Cheese; basically a hamburger, fries, swiss/cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and homemade thousand island dressing. The mixture of all those ingredients plus the homemade sauce tastes like a much healthier, less greasy version of a burger and fries. Everything also comes out very hot. It makes me enjoy my food a lot more when I know it just came out right out of the oven.

The burger was medium well and the cheese melted perfectly over all the other ingredients. I’m also not a fan of mushrooms, but I couldn’t even taste them let alone find them. Don’t worry though, they also have vegetarian options and sides! Typically, I order the oven chips, which are thick cut fries but they add garlic and jalapeno if you would like. I’ve also had the garlic and herb roasted red potatoes and they taste just like Mom’s. They’re warm and soft but still have a slight hardness and the rosemary and thyme really help enhance the flavor. I’ve never left their restaurant without feeling extremely full and happy.

I think one of the best parts about the Cornish Pasty Co. is that their food tastes original, authentic, and fresh. The recipes taste like what you’d imagine your mom to cook if she put every thing for your entire meal into some crunchy dough. You can even watch them make your pasty and toss it in the oven! Freshness at it’s best. Pre-made and pre-prepared foods help to cut down on time at restaurants but at the Cornish Pasty Co., I like that everything is made to order. And even though it is made to order, the food doesn’t take that long to cook.

All the food cooks inside the pasty dough together so there’s no waiting time for one item to cook while the other sits around. Additionally, the restaurant has outdoor seating, always a plus for me. The decor is open and unique. Old black and white photos hang from the walls and old church pews line the floor for family-style dining. They recently acquired the space next door and doubled the size of their restaurant. Definitely needed since it is typically busy and crowded when I go there. If you’re in the Mesa area and you’re looking for a great meal that will keep you full for hours, try the Cornish Pasty Co.