Butterfield’s Pancake House Review

Who: Butterfield’s Pancake House

What: Breakfast/Brunch Restaurant

Where: 7388 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ 85260

When: 6 am-3 pm daily

Why: The first time I went to Butterfield’s Pancake House it was a Sunday Brunch day. The place was packed but the wait was only about twenty minutes. When I walked in I noticed the colorful decor, the waffle ceiling lights, and the general happy buzz. There’s quite a lot of seating, most of the time it’s all taken, and the staff is friendly and extremely attentive.

One of my favorite breakfast treats is fresh orange juice. I really don’t like extra-sugary, chemically-enhanced, from-concentrate juice; it tastes like old plastic. At Butterfield’s, fresh orange juice is squeezed all nine hours they’re open. The machine is right out in the open and you can watch them add more oranges and make the juice! This certainly enhances the experience and excitement of the restaurant.

In addition to the fresh juice, their pancakes, eggs, waffles, and potatoes are delicious. The pancakes are fluffy and come with a dusting of powdered sugar. For many of the menu items, pancakes can be chosen as a side dish. I’m a very picky pancake fan, typically more of a waffle connoisseur, and these pancakes are some of my favorites. To me, pancakes are very simple and typically there’s not enough flavor there to keep me interested. Waffles have a few more ingredients and a crunch that increases the flavor. Pancakes can easily get soggy with butter and syrup. However, these pancakes seem to absorb the butter but still keep their fluffiness and have a slight crunch when you bite in.

Their housemade syrup is guzzled down by many hungry patrons. After each person leaves, the server refills the bottles to full capacity and let me tell you, lots of people make a good dent in the syrup bottle. There’s also the option of oven-baked pancakes. Even though I haven’t had them yet, I will be trying them in the future. But the wait is over 30 minutes since they’re baked.

The bacon and eggs are also worth consideration. I find the eggs to be fluffy and flavorful and they’ll add cheese if you ask. I love cheese on my eggs so this is perfect for me. They’ll also substitue egg whites only or egg beaters for .99 cents. The bacon is fully cooked and crunchy without being greasy, oily, and giving you a stomach ache. I hate limp bacon that is drowning in it’s own grease. That doesn’t leave me feeling satisfied. It leaves me feeling sick. Butterfield’s bacon though is perfectly cooked and not smothered in butter. Grab all your breakfast favorites in one meal here at Butterfield’s.

The best aspect to this restaurant for me, in addition to the tasty food, is that every breakfast comes with everything you’d want in a breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, grits. Waffle, eggs, bacon. Omlette, hashbrowns, eggs. Skillets with potatoes, cheese, egg, bacon, ham. French toast, fruit, cinnamon, whipped cream. I could go on but I love that every one of the breakfast food groups is represented. To me, I find that paying $8 for only pancakes, even if they are the size of a dinner plate, is not a meal. You’ll be full for a few hours and then hungry again. When combining the meat and potatoes of breakfast items, you’re full the entire day. That’s the best way to leave the table and Butterfield’s Pancake House absolutely delivers on all breakfast levels at reasonable prices.