Über Sausage Review

Who: Über Sausage

What: Sausage, fish, burger, wrap, and salad delights restaurant that serves beer

Where: 1535 Central Street, Denver, CO 80211, 2730 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80206

When: LoHi: Sunday: 9am-9pm, Monday-Thursday: 8am-9pm, Friday: 8am-10pm, Saturday:9am-10pm

East Colfax: Sunday: 11am-9pm, Monday-Thursday: 11am-9pm, Friday: 11am-10pm, Saturday: 11am-10pm

Why: It seems while traveling Denver, there were tongs of excellent local places to eat within a few miles of where I was heading. It so happens I was on my way to the Denver Aquarium when I happened upon a small restaurant called The Über Sausage. That’s one of the best aspects of the West Coast to a lifelong East Coaster.

I’ve driven up and down the East Coast, to and from Virginia Tech (500 miles), and all the way to Disney World yet most of the restaurants I’ve seen, even in the big cities, are chains. It seems to me that local eateries are a lot more prevalent on the West Coast than the East, but maybe I just haven’t had my eyes open enough. In any case, The Über Sausage was an experience I would suggest to townies, locals, and tourists alike. With modern, trendy, and quirky décor, this restaurant reinvents what we know as sausage and twists old favorites like burgers, chicken, and fish into fresh, flavorful delights.

I would say The Über Sausage is a hipster joint but they probably said it first. Besides the large glasses, skinny jeans, and old timey mustaches, the staff was extremely courteous, funny, and offered excellent suggestions. In addition to food, they also carry many different varieties of beer including local Denver Beer Co. beers on tap. Of course I had to get a beer with my food. They even had one of my favorite beers from Germany, Hofbrauhaus!

After making the simple decision on my beverage, I looked through the menu and spotted The ÜBurger. I was too late for breakfast or I would have definitely tried to snag a waffle or breakfast sandwich. The main reason I wanted The ÜBurger was to try the Über sauce. I love house-made sauces, dressings, anything. I didn’t see it anywhere else on the menu either.

I got the sandwich on a baguette, another type of roll I am obsessed with, and enjoyed every last bite. The Über sauce was a mix between mustard, ketchup, thousand island, and mayo. I’m not sure what was exactly in the secret sauce, but it was tangy nonetheless. The burger was juicy and the cheddar was so gooey it almost fell out of the roll. The sandwich was an excellent take on a traditional burger and in my opinion, better than the regular round bun and patty. The cheese was able to sit in the pocket of the roll rather than falling off all the edges of the round roll.

I also got the tots and that was a crunchy, mouth-watering choice. I feel that the tater tot is undervalued to the fry. Fries are so classic, so American, so traditional. Tater tots are rarely on menus yet they’re basically like the lunch version of hash browns. What gives! These tots were not greasy or oily or soggy. They were exactly what you’d want in a top tot. The beer, the tots, and the burger sandwich kept me full way past dinner. Not on the way to the Denver Aquarium? You should be. Try to stop at Über Sausage whenever you get a hankering for a unique take on a sausage, burger, or side item.

Even though I don’t live in Denver, yet, I would frequent The Über Sausage when hit with the craving for a burger. I went to the LoHi location whose menu differs a bit from the East Colfax location. The clean restaurant mixed with the cool décor, fake plastic cow head included, makes for a fun place to eat. Even the views out the window are picturesque and will keep you there for hours. They do have outdoor seating as well for those months where it’s not freezing and snowing. Outdoor seating is one of my favorite aspects of a restaurant. You may not be able to sit outside in December, but come spring, a well-cooked brat, beer, and battered tots order with a light breeze and a city view will make you thankful for The Über Sausage.